Top SEO Do’s And Don’t’s

After tons of algorithm updates and contradictory guidelines, it can be difficult to know exactly what Google considers acceptable and unacceptable. As a newbie, it is in your best interest to learn what you should and shouldn’t be doing. If you do not, you might run into problems and you could get your site penalized before you know it. How can you know for certain that your SEO tactics will actually be fruitful?

Below, you’ll learn more about some of the best SEO strategies today. You’ll also discover some of the practices that are best avoided.


Old Back Link Building Strategies

Backlink building has changed significantly over the years. If you’re utilizing techniques that seem easy, you’re probably doing something wrong. Instead, it is vital to be more selective! Below, you’ll learn about dangerous backlink building strategies that might hurt, according to Universalus Meistras SEO team.

  • Commenting – Commenting on every site you come across is a big mistake. There is a possibility that the sites are low quality. Plus, you’re probably creating a bunch of “no follow” links. It in your best interest to be very selective when building comments. Make sure that the sites are relevant and high quality.
  • Directory Submission – In the past, directory submission was very effective. Today, this is not the case. It is best to avoid submitting your site to lots of directories. Doing so will only create low quality links that will not do you any favors. There are several good directories, such as DMOZ, but the others are best avoided.
  • Article Submissions – Again, article submission sites were great in the past, but not today. Writing low quality content and posting it everywhere for backlinks isn’t going to cut it. In fact, it is generally best to avoid article directories today.
  • Infrographic Links – Using hidden links in widgets or infographics is going to be a bad problem. If you want to get penalized very quickly, you should add a hidden link in one of these mediums. Avoid using widgets or infographics to implant hidden links on other websites.
  • Buying Links – Finally, you should realize that buying links is a big no-no. Google has stressed it over and over again. If you buy backlinks, you’re going to get into trouble one way or another.

So, What Are Your Options?

So, you are probably asking, what are your options for SEO strategy? Well, the answer is not as simple as one would think, as you will need to combine a variety of techniques together to reach a successful ending. Once of the first things you will need to do is make your website SEO-friendly, followed by back linking. For those of you concerned about link metric and equity such as domain authority, you are probably getting brand building and real traffic on industry-related, relevant websites. If not, you may need to restructure your SEO marketing plans and rethink your priorities.

The “bad” SEO techniques listed above can actually prove to be valuable for your website, if they are approached in the right manner. Contenting market for example, is one such strategy.

  • Content Marketing – Surely, you have read one or two blog articles in the past few months about how irrelevant guest posting has become. In fact, many so-called SEO experts claim that guest posting is completely “dead.” But, is it really? If you are constantly writing blogs to get links, you may need to stop. However, if content marketing is utilized for the sole purpose of getting your brand out there in front of your existing customers and it is generating organic traffic everything is all good. Now, this takes a lot of time and dedication.

You will need to identify platforms and websites, where your existing customers are frequenting to obtain information. Once you do this, you will need to establish a relationship with each website editor or owner. Offer them a partnership deal that will help both of your websites. Do not just simply ask them to do something for you, because your offer will be refused. Instead, offer them something of value. Getting links should be your second concern.

  • Get involved in the community – Regardless of the type of online business you own and operate, there are a blog, community or social media forum or platform on the World Wide Web dedicated to it. You will need to follow others to these hubs. People are always searching for information about specific topics, answers to questions and solutions to problems. By getting involved, you may be able to draw more people to your websites, which in turn will drive up your traffic.

Forum and blog commenting is oftentimes abused, but not in every case. If you were willing to provide people with relevant information, then this would not be considered a form of abuse. Just ask yourself, do you want consumers to find out about your services and products through a competitor. Of course not, they may spread false information about your products, which could prove to be devastating for your brand. Always utilize your real name and be honest about your business and products.

  • Write relevant content for your website – All of the content included in your website should be interesting, relevant and honest. The content should be something that social media will want to and be willing to share with others. If your content is lacking in just one aspect, it will be rendered useless. You may want to rethink your content production strategy, while taking your customers’ interests into consideration. Writing relevant and quality content is extremely important, as it will provide consumers with facts and information about your company. If you play your cards right, your quality content could very well earn you a link.

Once your website is filled with quality, relevant content, you will need to make yourself visible to as many people as possible. Reach out to other website and blog owners to form relationships with them. Fill them in about your website and see if they are willing to help you spread the news about it. Join communities and post your content there, so the members can find and access it. You should also consider taking advantage of memes, videos and slide deck formats. If you are consistent in this practice, people will come to website just to obtain your quality, relevant and accurate information.

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