Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

When you want to inflate your return on investment (ROI), you’ll want to get in touch with us.

If you want to skip the whole SEO campaign and get your website quick and easy recognition, you always have the option of taking advantage of the pay-per click services that we offer at SEO Blitz.

We can help you leverage Google AdWords and Bing Ads to bring your products and service right in front of your targeted audience.

There is no more effective online marketing strategy than being seen by your customers at the very moment that they search for your products and services.

This is what we want to offer you at SEO Blitz. We offer packages that are suitable for a company of any size or any budget.

Everything from your monthly spending to the keyword volume can alter the pricing structure. Contact our SEO company directly and we will be more than happy to go other the options with you.

Paid Search Advertising

With our PPC search advertising, you’ll be able to minimize your expenses and maximize your ROI. We’ll make sure that your money is spent as wisely as possible.

PPC Remarketing

With our assistance, you’ll be able to transform your one-time customers into long-term customers. We know how to build trust between your company and the consumer.

Social Advertising

We can help you building brand awareness using multiple channels, including social media. Whether you’re trying to sell a product or a service, you can count on us.

Display Advertising

We can provide you with an incredibly effective display marketing strategy. With our assistance, you’ll be able to increase your company’s exposure and engage more with the consumer.

Video Advertising

Our team is compiled of experts in the field of online advertising. We’re ready to help you compete with the most valuable companies in the world. With our video advertising, you’ll be able to excel to a whole new level.

Our 4 Steps Process


Our team begins the process by gathering information, including goal mapping, keyword research, website reviews and landscape analysis.


 We then start building a “targeted campaign,” which includes call tracking, deep-dive advertising work and Google Analytics goals.


Then we will launch the campaign. Once it is live, we will continue to manage and monitor key performance indicators that were identified during the setup and discovery processes.


Our 90-day Optimization Strategy involves continuous gathering as much data as possible and refining our focus.

Every marketing campaign is unique and with so many variables to impact your strategy, there will never be a “one-size-fits-all” pay per click campaign.

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How Our PPC Services in Miami can Grow Your Business?

In-depth Keyword Research For PPC

At SEO Blitz, we put in the time and effort to research the most targeted keywords in your industry. Once we find those keywords we can implement them into your content in a way that will drive traffic right to your website.

Optimization Of Your PPC Advertisements

When it comes to pay-per click advertising if you want to get the biggest return on your investment you have to constantly track, monitor, and optimize your landing pages, as well as your text ads. This is only part of what we can offer you at SEO Blitz. Along with this, we can track the performance of your website to see which areas need improving, and even improve in those areas for you, so that you are always attracting new customers on the daily.

We Make Your Money Count With Our PPC Audit Services

Sometimes it can be easy to overspend and blow your budget with pay-per click advertisements. This is why we regularly audit the performance of your campaign to see which areas need improvement, which will ensure that you are always getting your money worth. Along with this, we can help you discover and reveal news and exciting ways to target a larger customer base.

Get All The Attention With Our Copy And Design Team

If you are familiar with PPC services, you already know that you only have just a few seconds to grab someone’s attention. This is why we employ a team of expert designers and writers who can help optimize the lettering and performance of your current ad.

Improve Your Sales With PPC Remarketing And Retargeting

When a potential customer comes across your product for the first time, they are probably not ready to make that initial purchase just yet. Instead they might do a bit more searching and research before making a final decision, With our unique remarketing and retargeting techniques, we can ensure that your product is always right in front of the customer no matter where they go. They literally won’t be able to run from what you are selling.

PPC Analytics

Just like every other service that we offer our pay-per-click campaign will provide you and your company with detailed monthly reports that will show the progress of your campaign. Our reports will show how your often keywords are getting hits, what it is costing you per click, the returns you are getting on your investment, and much more.

Why Should You Use An AdWords Management Professional?

SEO is a long-term project and when you need to draw customers to your site in a hurry, you don’t have weeks or months to wait around for your keywords and backlinks to start attracting attention. This is where an experienced team of PPC professionals can come in handy, as they can target Google AdWords in a variety of different ways to increase to flow of traffic to your website. Below, you will learn about all the different ways that our team of experts can help you.

  • Increase your online revenue, attract a wider audience, and get your products and service in front of potential customers faster
  • Increase the number of click that you are getting, while lowering your cost per click
  • Target local area, or expand your campaign to a global market
  • Customize your ad so that they target a certain demographic
  • Setting realistic budgets and limitations
  • Expand your campaign to a mobile audience
  • Increase your call volume
  • We can even take a suspended account and give it meaning and good standing again

At the end of the day, AdWords is a quick and effective way to get your website noticed. Depending on the industry that you are in and the keywords that you are targeting your campaign might be extremely competitive. Not to mention the fact that a lot of companies out there have been in the SEO game for years now and still haven’t achieve the rankings they are looking for. That being said, out AdWords experts can position you and your company right where you need to be in order to start seeing a return on your investment right away.

Pay Per Click Report And Consulting

Once you decide to work SEO Blitz, you will be assigned to a paid per click manager, who will provide you with a detailed report and analysis of how well your current campaign is performing. During the initial consultation, the PPC manager will cover all elements of the campaign, including conversions, keywords, ROI tracking and cost per acquisition.

Having An AdWords Management Company Can Prove To Be Valuable

Time is of essence and when you find yourself in need t web traffic, you will not be able to wait around too long. That is why you should rely on our AdWords Management experts to assist you in driving traffic to your website through pay per click advertising.

Additionally, this process can effectively help you get noticed immediately. While some keyword terms for both search engine optimization and pay per click are very competitive, it is still possible to position your company above the competition with our AdWords PPC consultants. Even though those companies have a big start, our combined skills, knowledge and experience can push you to the top, so you can begin maximizing your returns as soon as possible.

  • Grow your online sales, get more relevant information out there to users quicker and attract more prospects
  • Streamline your existing pay per click campaign to increase click-throughs and lower costs per click
  • Target specific communities and neighborhoods more effective and/or introduce global consumers to your business
  • Focus on demographics and the times of day that users will be more likely to search for your services and products to identify more clearly who receives your ads
  • Manage your ad spending by setting limitations and budgets
  • Reach a dedicated mobile audience, which accounts for 53 percent of all paid search clicks
  • Receive more calls (research shows that 69 percent of mobile users make business calls directly from Google search results)
  • Recover your AdWords account

Exploring AdWords Management More In-Depth

Investing money in various, related keywords are not the answer. However, if you decide to work with SEO Blitz, you will be connected to an account manager. This professional is knowledgeable and skilled in targeting segment campaigns and specific ad groups that will maximize your cost-to-conversion ratio.

At SEO Blitz, your paid per click begins with a detailed analysis of your industry and website and a complete audit of your current campaign, if there is one already in place.

Our goal is to find relevant keyword and phrases to boost start your campaign. We choose a mixture of more affordable long-tail keywords and highly competitive terms to effective attract customers that are looking for solutions like the ones you are offering.

Bidding for the most effect positions and choosing relevant keywords is even more important now than ever before. With these aspects, it is possible to create a more effect marketing campaign. Google is continuously refining its search engine results page and you can take advantage of these opportunities to convert users into new customers for your business.

For example, it was not that long ago when Google placed paid results at the very top of each search engine results page. This allows users to see more ads, which were located on the right-hand side of the results page. Of course, these ads are no longer visible, since Google removed them, but they did increase the number of ads that appear at the top of the results page.

Just because your ad is visible, does not mean it is enough, because every potential customer will need a push and reason to visit your website and click on your ad. This is where quality ad design and copy will come into play. It will convince the potential customer to click on the ad and enter your website.

Here at SEO Blitz, we have the skills to design and create optimized landing pages and ad text that will effectively contribute to a much higher Quality Score. Our efforts will give your potential customers more reason to select your services over the competition. We will do whatever is necessary to put the call and conversion tracking tools in place, so you can measure and monitor the success of the campaign.