How We Advance Your Onsite Search Engine Optimization

With our onsite optimization methods, we can define your website and attract visitors.

Onsite search engine optimization is how people find and locate your website. It really doesn’t matter is you are a fortune 500 company or a small mom and pop business, you need a website that will alert customers to your online brand of products or services.

Onpage SEO

Understanding Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

When people search for a website throughout a search engine there is certain criteria like keywords and phrases that can determine where your website appears in the rankings. The number one ranked site and sties ranked on the first page of the results are going to attract more traffic. SEO is a method of utilizing these keywords and phrases to ensure that your website will rank high in the results.

How We Take Advantage Of Keywords

Oftentimes, when people search for something online they use a certain phrase or keyword. Out company uses tools that can provide us with an analysis of the keywords that your customers are using to find products and services. In addition to this, we can also find the keywords that your competitors have targeted. When all said and done we can literally hand you a SEO roadmap that leads to success.

Why Our Website Optimization Is Different

When it comes to web designing a common mistake made amongst designers is the improper installation of Meta, Title, and Alt tags. This is because tags are not really their area of expertise, but this can have a huge negative effect on where your website rank in the search engine results. Our website optimization experts can scan through your website and find common errors like this and others.

We Always Optimize Content

Not only are using keywords important, but also using the right amount of keywords on every page is just as important. Along with this, you want to make sure that your content is readable enough, so that your users actually understand what you talking about. If you have a site stuffed full of keywords, you content won’t make any sense and your traffic will dwindle. Not only will our techniques ensure that search engines find your website, but customers will actually enjoy reading your content.

Understanding Sitemaps

When it comes to sitemaps there are really two types: 1) A code of HTML that lists the different pages on your website, so that users can easily and quickly navigate through your website and find what they want. 2) A XML sitemap are used in order to help search engines locate all the pages on your website. This should include all the links and URLs that might not be found during the normal crawling process that search engines use to locate your site.

Monitoring And Collecting Data

Once your website is built for search engine optimization the quest does not end there. Experts will need to constantly monitor and collect data in order to tell which areas of your website are attracting customers, and what areas need to be improved on. At SEO Blitz we have the tools and resources to track everything from the number of visitors that you are receiving to the number of sales that you are making. We can also provide you with detailed outlined monthly reports that will show you the improvements that our services made to your website.

The Importance Of RSS Feeds And Content Syndication

RSS feeds and content syndication are without a doubt two of the best social media tools that anyone can use to promote online marketing and gain better search engine visibility. We can utilize these two tools to attract a more qualified customers base to your content.

Taking Advantage Of Electronic Press Releases And Press Rooms

At SEO Blitz we also package and offer electronic press kits that can optimize your search engine results. These two tools make it much easier for the media and your customer to find your website. Most of our kits include brochures, FAQs, press releases, product profiles, and much more.

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