Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Work With Customers That Have The Same Niche?

Just to keep things ethical, we do not work with two different companies that are targeting the same niche at the same time. For instance, if we are working with a family owned heating and Air Company, and another heating and Air Company contacts us, we will refer them to another provider.

Is There A Time Frame For My Site To Get Ranked?

It can be hard to give anyone a definitive answer on how long it will take to get their site ranked, because there are lots of factors that can affect this time frame. Not to mention the fact that some sites need more work than others. Some sites could take six months, while other could take as long as 14 months or even longer.

To some individuals this probably seems like a long time, but you have to look at it from our perspective. Anything that is thrown together fast and goes up fast is going to come down fast. With that being said, we can give you an estimated timeframe as to when your site might be ranked if you sign up for a free analysis. All you have to do is provide us with the information needed and we will get started analyzing right away.

Is It Easy To Acquire Your Services?

Our clients tell us that we are one of the easiest companies in the world to work with, but the truth of the matter is that we are not too easy to hire. In fact, we are very selective about the type of customers that we take on. Since we do all the work ourselves, we want to keep our clientele thin and only take only projects that we are passionate about.

How Is Organic And Paid Traffic Different?

If you have ever done a search on a search engine before, you have probably noticed that there are several different sections. At the top of the page, you will find advertisements listed above the actual search engine results. These paid advertisements are slots that are sold by the search engine provider.

Organic results on the other hand, are the results that appear in the actual search engine section of the page. While it is entirely free for your website to appear in these results, it is possible that you might need to hire an expert in order to get your site to appear on the first page of the results.

Do You Work With Non-Profit Organizations?

Yes, in the past we have worked with several 501c3 non-profit organizations and helped them increase their online visibility. If you find that your non-profit organization is in need of our services just visit our website, or give us a call and we can assist you as well.

I Have Dealt With Shady “SEO Provider” In The Past. How Do I Know You Company Is Reliable?

You would be surprised at the number of clients that we are currently working with that have going through this very incident. A lot of our current clients were promised certain things by other SEO providers and they never delivered. In fact, there have been several of our customer that had their sites penalized in the past due to the shady practices of so-called SEO experts.

It was at this point that they heard about our service either through an Internet search or word of mouth and gave us a call. Our experts stepped in, took control of the situation, and completely turned it around. If you truly want to find out more about our creditability and reliability, you always have the option of visiting the testimonials section of our website.

Who Are You Normal Clientele?

At SEO Blitz, we only want to take on companies that are already healthy, active, and reputable. We are only looking to provide services to companies that are already established, but just want to take their game to the next level. It is important that your site already be up and running, making sale, drawing traffic, and running ads. We only want to be able to improve on what you have already done and substantially increase your visibility, notoriety, and revenue in the industry.

Have You Ever Turned Down Any Clients?

Yes, in fact, there are a variety of different companies that we won’t work with including, pornographic websites, drug companies, gambling sites, or get-rich-quick schemers.

Do You Outsource Your Work, Or Is It Authentic?

The quality of our work is something that we value more than anything, and we believe in providing our customer with an authentic service, so all of our SEO work is done in-house.
However, there might be times when our customers request something that fall out of our scope of support, and when this happens, we do seek outside support. Fortunately, we have a long list of other specialists that we work with on a daily basis and can completely stand by their work as well.

How Much Do You Charge For Your SEO Services?

It can be hard to give any website provider a definitive quote as to what their SEO campaign might cost, because every website is going to need a different amount of work. It also depends on what you want to get out of the site. With that being said, once you get in touch with one of our professional, we can analyze your website and provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

What Makes SEO So Costly?

SEO is a long-term project for any business that wants to constantly be visible and present to the online search community. If you ask any Internet marketing expert they will tell you that SEO is one main factor that could make or break your online marketing campaign. However, with search engine providers constantly changing their search parameters, and the competition growing it truly is becoming harder and harder to achieve a good ranking. When you factor in the importance of SEO and compare it to the services that are provided by any SEO provide, the extra splurge is well worth it.

What Are Your Guarantees?

Of course, it is always a good ideal to ask about guarantees before investing your hard-earned money into anything. Unfortunately, when it comes to SEO services there really are no guarantees, because search engines providers are always changing the way that search engines crawl for information. One week you site might be ranked #1 and the next week it might not even be on the first page.

With that being said, we can provide you with some performance based results that we have achieved with our other customers, and we can even go as far as to give you referral to our previous clients. We also have the ability and tools to give you an estimate as to your success rate, based on the level of competition in your chosen industry. If you have any questions, then just contact our Miami SEO Company we will respond as soon as possible.