Code of Ethics

Here at SEO Blitz, we are totally committed to provide the client with honesty. We also believe that there should be personal accountability at work. Our commitment to both has helped to make us one of the leading SEO service providers in North America. Our team will consistently strive to help you achieve higher rankings, more traffic, and improved conversion rates. We follow a strict Code of Ethics to ensure our clients get the best results with total honesty. If you have any questions, then just contact our Miami SEO Company we will respond as soon as possible.

  1. We work diligently to ensure your goals are met

We understand that the entire purpose of working with us to achieve higher rankings, more conversions, and a massive return on investment. When working with SEO Blitz, you can guarantee that we’ll work diligently on your behalf. We’ll work around the clock and we’ll always put your company’s interest above all else. Simultaneously, we’ll follow the safest white hat standards to ensure your company remains credible and respectful in the eyes of the major search engines.

  1. We believe in treating all clients respectfully and fairly

We believe in providing each and every client with an amazing service. We would never do anything to harm one client to help the next. In fact, we will do our best to make sure all clients are treated equally. We have strictly prohibited bias from the workplace. We will always take actions in good faith and we’ll do our best to work for the client’s best interest.

  1. We Maintain Reasonable Expectations

We understand that the Internet can be a scary place. A lot of SEO providers will attempt to bait you into using their services by offering unrealistic expectations. This is something SEO Blitz prohibits. We will never promise to do anything that we cannot. When working with our company, you will know precisely what to expect up front. Simultaneously, we will do our best to provide more than we initially promised.

  1. We Make Sure The Client’s Information Remains Private

We will put in maximum effort to protect the client every step of the way. We’ll make that your confidentiality is maintained. We will track your website to determine how successful our current procedures have been. The information collected about you and your clients will be kept secret from the outside world. We will only utilize this information to drive better results in the future.

  1. We will never harm your business in any way

Our goal is to help empower your business and help you become more successful. We would never do anything that would harm your business or brand in any way. We follow all Google guidelines to ensure that our methods are white hat and safe! We would never do anything that could potentially lead to a future penalization from the major search engines.

  1. We will never violate search engine or directory results

We want your business to grow as successful as possible. It would break our heart to see your website get penalized for something stupid we have done. We’ll always put in 100% effort to ensure that the client’s website remains in compliance with all rules and regulations. This ensures that you’ll be able to continue growing your business without any risks whatsoever.

  1. We always abide by governmental laws and regulations

We understand that there are certain laws and regulations imposed on online business by the federal government. If you happen to break one of these laws, your company could be face stiff penalties and possibly even a lawsuit from another corporation. Our firm understands these laws and we’ll do our best to make sure that our work abides by each.

  1. We will not take credit for the work of others

Our company strongly believes in the power of originality. Without unique content, your website will never be a success. This is why we would never attempt to take someone else’s work and make it our own. Our team is capable of churning out high-quality, relevant content with precision and speed. We’ll make sure that your website is filled with content that viewers will appreciate and trust!

  1. We are honest and would never deceive our clients

We agree that there are many schemers in the SEO world. Many will attempt to artificially inflate their results to make them look better in the eyes of the consumer. This is something we would never ever do! Our firm believes in honesty and we would never do anything to deceive the client or the search engines. Our team only utilizes the safest and most proven techniques to ensure our clients are able to achieve the results they desire without any risks to their future or their reputation.

  1. Nothing will be misrepresented

We work in a field that has tons of competition. This is why a lot of competitors will misrepresent their skills to try and lure in new customers. We forbid this type of trickery. We would never do anything to misrepresent our skills and accreditations or to mislead the consumer. We believe that our performance will speak for itself.

  1. We have effective dispute resolutions protocols

Our company understands that disputes can happen. Even if we work as carefully as possible, there is a possibility that the client will not be satisfied with our work. Rest assured knowing that we sincerely want the client to get their money’s worth. Our company has implemented effective dispute resolution protocols to ensure disputes can be solved in a rapid manner. We’ll make sure that you’re satisfied with the solution one way or another.